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PostSubject: Koolop app   Koolop app EmptyWed Jul 03, 2013 11:50 pm

Hello my name is Marlon Very Happy
I am koolop or senor kool xD
I am 13 years old
I have 6 or 7 accs
Koolboiz,koolops,koolop,koolkrdiol,tradegy,koolopz, misdeeds
I am the noob of pvp :Daka the scariest twink alive hehe
My main is koolops and tradegy
I live in New York (eastern time)
The levels L50,15,42,15,50,30,10,17
I was recommended by Ghostface,Bubu,Spin :DIf want to know more about me pm as koolopz
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Koolop app
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