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 kool you know who i am ( koolop)

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kool you know who i am ( koolop) Empty
PostSubject: kool you know who i am ( koolop)   kool you know who i am ( koolop) EmptyTue Feb 05, 2013 11:59 pm

Main: Koolop
Alts: koolops,koolboiz,tradegy,koolengi, koolopz.
Levels: koolops L15(op) , Koolboiz L46(com), tradegy L46 (engi), koolengi L10,koolzop L20(op)
Rules to ask them to please leave or put pass. Engage a officer or gm what has happened and what they said.Scamming and begging.
Guilds: valentine , Double crossed, total pownage, Elite Driods and spartxan.
Reasons: Valentine i was gm i couldnt take it. Double Crossed i don't know. Total pawnage Because me and 2 others where gm and member betrayed us. Elite Driods me and the gm had a disagreement because iv been helping out others. Sparxtan it was disband.
Joining: I want to join your guild because as the time iv been playing sl iv noticed the guild has always been respectful to but one person.But i lived pass that. Also i have good friends in phoenix ND I ENJOY there attitude.
Recommendation: Spin lol sort of sad only got one xD
Things about me: Im 13 as i said im a nice person and i enjoy to have fun :p
Time zone: New York City ( Eastern Time)
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kool you know who i am ( koolop)
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