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 Pheonix Guild Application

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Pheonix Guild Application Empty
PostSubject: Pheonix Guild Application   Pheonix Guild Application EmptySun Jul 20, 2014 8:19 am


1.Primary Ig:Elyxis Operation Lvl 50
2.Alt Names:FlorEngineer Lvl 51,
Floxis Commando Lvl 50
3.Age 19
4.(a).Well,If there is a fight.I would
just act maturely and not fight back.
(b).I will just create a new room and
invite guild mates.
(c).Ermm scam and being rude to guild
5.I played atleast 7 hour per day.
6.Only Secret Garden
7.I left secret garden because ive been
In that guild for 2 years and seeing
people that just came in and get
promoted to officer really break my
Heart into pieces..I think its time
For me to move on into a better guild
8.I have seen pheonix player everywhere
And I really see them as one family.I
dont get that kind of love in my
Previous guild.
9.Ucmarineking is good friend of my.
The way he acts really reflected on
His guild which is the pheonix Smile
10.My real name is Jane.I lived in
Singapore.I am a women XD I love
Games.And my height is 1.68cm Smile
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Pheonix Guild Application
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