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PostSubject: Application   Application EmptyWed Feb 19, 2014 11:20 pm


1. Primary IGN: Dragoonclaws Engineer lvl51

2.3. Alt: Armadylian Operative lvl45
2.3. Alt: Zaamorak Commando lvl35 (it will not level higher)

4. Age: 18

5. a) Absolutely no fighting with other guilds. If another guild tries to pick a fight, do not engage. (Anyways, I don't PvP)
5. b) Nicely ask to leave, and boot only with valid reason. (I always did and tell other players to)
5. c) Guild Member exploitation, Scamming, lie about age, break rules

6. 15 hours

7. Here be the whole problem.  Mad Please keep reading the whole application form.

- Dragoonclaws: Officer at Kingdom of Light (KOL) (Contact "Danleis" for more info, he is GM)
- Armadylain : Officer at Blood Pack Mercenary (BPM) (Contact "illusivman" for more info, he is GM)
- Zaamorak: Officer at The Untouchables (TU) (Contact "Solidpink" for more info, she is GM)

I can't leave these guilds and I want to have an alt in your guild  Sad
I usually help lower leveled players, award them free items, lend items, keep contact with all members to be available in all of my guilds. I'm doing a hard work to keep them all alive. KOL is now getting some troubles because of a lack of active officers.

8. never left, nor booted from any guild.

9. To have contacts with more guilds and people. i have plans to create a wanna be guild union where we inform each other (between GM and officers of most big guilds) about scammers, and bad people. We can inform each other about tournaments and do Guild vs Guild contests (other than PvP).

10. none recommended me yet, I know nobody. I was interrested in this guild when I heard about your recruiting system and banking system. I wanted to create a Banking system too for BPM. Gone to water because of trust risks.

11. I'm admin at The Star Legends Wikia. I added most of the pages there. I'm also on SL forums. getting more and more popular, well I think. I sponsor guild events. I think that "Officer" is not a rank, but a duty. They are the ones who catch scammers, give tips to guildmates, solve troubles between guildmates

12. Canada, Montreal, 19h30, everyday.
Email* me just in case: m.a.b.2009(at)
* I look for mail daily.

PS: I'm ready to level up a 4th char to bring it to. Please take this application into consideration and do not refuse me because of the Alts problem.
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