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 Lemon's Applicaton

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PostSubject: Lemon's Applicaton   Lemon's Applicaton EmptyWed Sep 04, 2013 2:52 pm

1. Primary In Game Name: Lemonsweet (Engineer)

2. Alt Names: Lemonshots (Commando) , Lewinmarkerz (Operative)

3. Current Level and Class of Toons: Lemonsweet: 50 , Lemonshots: 46 , Lewinmarkerz 44

4. How old are you? I am currently 20

5. Please read our Guild Rules and answer the following:
a. What should you do should another guild attempt to start a fight? Do not aggravate them and report what was said to an officer or GM.
b. How are you supposed to handle booting non-guildies from runs? Inform them that the space is taken or why they shouldn't have joined and ask kindly of them to leave; If i accidentally join, leave kindly.  
c. What are two things that warrant you an automatic boot from the guild? Any kind of scamming to anyone (in or out of the guild), breaking of SL ToS and no poaching other players.

6. Please give us an average amount of time you play per week: roughly 10-30 hours a week.  (I am moving to a new apartment around the end of September so i wont be on as much around then but after the move i should be back to my regular schedule.)

7. What guild/guilds are you in or have been in? I created 'Voices' and ended up giving it to a friend to manage due to my inactivity at the time.  All others I cannot recall of at the moment from being so long ago.

8. What were the reasons for leaving the guild? Inactivity, the guild doesn’t feel like Home or the guild is not active.

9. Why do you want Phoenix to be your home? I’ve seen players in game that are in the guild and i just hear nothing but good talk about it and would very much like to be part of the family.

10. List any current guild members of Phoenix that recommends you: Jellyduhz <3

11. Tell us any additional information about yourself: I’m a fun person and I like to make people laugh.  I hate when people are sad and try everything to cheer them up.  Being part of a loving guild I think I will be able to get the best experience out of SL.

12. What is a time that is reachable for you in game, please include where you live and your time zone: Around late afternoon to late evening, also between the times of 10pm-2am occasionally.  I reside in Chicago IL, Central time.
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Lemon's Applicaton Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lemon's Applicaton   Lemon's Applicaton EmptySun Sep 29, 2013 2:32 pm

Very organized. I like. (: Good luck doe!
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Lemon's Applicaton
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