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 Allies Application :D

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Allie :D

Allies Application :D Empty
PostSubject: Allies Application :D   Allies Application :D EmptySat Aug 17, 2013 7:53 pm

1.Primary In Game Name: Allie Smile

2. Alt Names: revivecatzz, nehehiaab, queenlux, skekoase, and xxbluelady
3. Current Level and Class of Toons: alliebelina: lvl 50 op revivecatzz: lvl 41 eng Nehehiaab: lvl 15 comm queenlux : lvl 13 op skekoase : lvl 17 op xxbluelady lvl 15 comm

4. How old are you? 17

5. Please read our Guild Rules and answer the following:
a. What should you do should another guild attempt to start a fight? I would ask them what is the issue that is going on, and try to prevent the issue from becoming into a conflict that would make phoenix seem unsupervised anymore.
b. How are you supposed to handle booting non-guildies from runs? I would same them politely may you please leave , I'm saving this spot for someone and they already asked before you . Maybe next run ? Thanks so much !
c. What are two things that warrant you an automatic boot from the guild? Being really rude and begging in gh or gc , or rushing in pvp.

6. Please give us an average amount of time you play per week: 21-30 hours

7. What guild/guilds are you in or have been in? Extreme boss Slayers, Rampage, Nuke, and Sparxtans.

8. What were the reasons for leaving the guild? A lot became inactive and I stayed a member for a very long time.

9. Why do you want Phoenix to be your home? I know a lot of people in phoenix and I have heard nothing negative about it. I also love how you have to fill out an application to get in.

10. List any current guild members of Phoenix that recommends you:

11. Tell us any additional information about yourself: I'm really short like 5"4 , I love bacon Smile, my middle name is allie, and I love dogs, and as you can see I love ops ...>.<

12. What is a time that is reachable for you in game, please include where you live and your time zone: 11:00 am through 4:00pm I live in San Francisco , California Western Time
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Allies Application :D
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