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 A Twinkling Want To Join Phoenix

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A Twinkling Want To Join Phoenix Empty
PostSubject: A Twinkling Want To Join Phoenix   A Twinkling Want To Join Phoenix EmptyThu Aug 01, 2013 7:06 pm

1. Primary In Game Name:

Answer: My name is Twinkop!

2. Alt Names:

Answer: I don't play anymore on those. I am a twink.

3. Current Level and Class of Toons:

I am a level seventeen operative. (TWINK)

4. How old are you?

Answer: I am currently 16 years old.

5. Please read our Guild Rules and answer the following:

a. What should you do should another guild attempt to start a fight?

a. Answer: Ignore it and report it to a moderator or owner all fight shouldn't be called for. A guild is a team a team it stays.

b. How are you supposed to handle booting non-guildies from runs?

b. Answer: Actually all I have to do is put and password for guild runs with the guild.

c. What are two things that warrant you an automatic boot from the guild?

c. Answer: 1. Mistreating a guild member for any circumstances.
2. Making a unfair trade with a guild member.

6. Please give us an average amount of time you play per week:

Answer: I play 12 hours a day even more most times but that the average.

7. What guild/guilds are you in or have been in?

Answer: A guild name I Miss You.

8. What were the reasons for leaving the guild?

Answer: It was so boring only like 4 members:

9. Why do you want Phoenix to be your home?

Answer: I talk to a lot of people there and I won't have to worry about non active members in a guild. That why I could call Phoenix my home.

10. List any current guild members of Phoenix that recommends you:

Answer: To be honest none recommended me.

11. Tell us any additional information about yourself:

Answer: My name is Noah. I have been playing star legends for one year and a half now. I am a pvp twink and I farm pve kills. If you ever seen me I am Twinkop. Thanks for reading this application. Hope I fit in.

12. What is a time that is reachable for you in game, please include where you live and your time zone:

Answer: You can reach me at eight o'clock a.m central time.
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A Twinkling Want To Join Phoenix
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