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 applying to join phoenix

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applying to join phoenix Empty
PostSubject: applying to join phoenix   applying to join phoenix EmptyMon Jun 10, 2013 1:31 pm

1.Primary in game name:seokahaz
2.alt names: nil
3.current level and class of toons:seokahaz l50[com] old are u?:21
5.please read our guild rules and answer the followings:
a.what should you do should another guild attempt to start a fight?

I would probably relax and talk in a good manner to stop what they are doing...

B.How are u supposed to handle booting non-guildies from runs?

I seldom boot people...if i were about to boot i would ask them in a good manner to leave...

C.what are the two things that warrant u an automatic build from guild?

Umm...although im poor i don't scamm and beg...if i speak vulgar words just boot me...

6.pls give us an average amount of time u play per week

umm...i play 11+ hours per day...i play 50-60 hours per week

7.what guild/guilds are u in or have been in?

Rampage and secret garden...currently not in any guild...

8.what were the reasons for leaving the guild

I've been wanting to join phoenix so i was alone for 1 week without guild...

9.why do u want phoenix to be your home?

It was a long story...about a few months ago in December 2012...i kept searching for someone in phoenix but most of them are members can't recruit me I've waited soooooo long...and i know phoenix is a non-dramatic i want to join so i can make New friends and have peace...

10.list any current guild members of phoenix that recommends u


11.tell us any additional information about yourself

Im helpful...

What is the time reachable for u in game.pls include where u live and your time zone

Im from Singapore Idk the time zone im online from 10am morning-1.30am midnight
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applying to join phoenix
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