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 app for Phoenix guild

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PostSubject: app for Phoenix guild    Tue Nov 20, 2012 3:46 pm

• Please be sure to read our Guild Rules before completing the next steps. Please copy and paste the below questions into a New Topic Reply under the Welcome to Phoenix Thread. Please put your IGN in the ‘Username’ section and then insert your answers and post the thread:

1. Primary In Game Name: evalin

2. Alt Names: pandora kratosgow aphroditte skyana everdean

3. Current Level and Class of Toons: evalin level 46 eng kratosgow 42 com ppandora 45 op aphroditte 23 eng skyana 20 eng everdean 19 com

4. How old are you? 18

5. Please read our Guild Rules and answer the following:
a. What should you do should another guild attempt to start a fight? I'd tell the gm and officers
b. How are you supposed to handle booting non-guildies from runs? I don't boot anyone ever
c. What are two things that warrant you an automatic boot from the guild? braking the rules joining another guild

6. Please give us an average amount of time you play per week:
like 6 hours a day
7. What guild/guilds are you in or have been in?
just mine the one I made
8. What were the reasons for leaving the guild?
I want to join phonix because the people In it seem very nice and it sounds like a amazing guild allot of my friends are in it
9. Why do you want Phoenix to be your home?
same resin as last question
10. List any current guild members of Phoenix that recommends you:
I know allot so ill name a few bubu death space sup and you lol
11. Tell us any additional information about yourself:
you know me lol
12. What is a time that is reachable for you in game, please include where you live and your time zone:
any time that I'm in the game and your not afk Wink
• Please allow at least 2 days for a GM or Officer to review your application and contact you in game to either accept or deny your application. If you are accepted in to the guild an admin will accept your forum account so that you have access to the entire site. Please allow an additional 2 days for this to happen.
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app for Phoenix guild
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