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 EliteInanity's App

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PostSubject: EliteInanity's App   Wed May 30, 2012 12:34 pm

1. EliteInsanity
2.XxInsanityxx, Skyblu.
3.EliteInsanity-lvl 40 commander. XxInsanityxx-lvl 40 operative. Skyblu-lvl 16 engineer
5. a. No mocking, bickering, fighting, belittling, etc.
b. Absolutely no booting of guild members from runs. If a fellow Guild member has joined a password guild only room that has a full party, kindly explain to them that they have accidentally taken a spot belonging to someone else.
c. Poaching and Scamming will result in a automatic removal from the guild.
6.roughly 10 hrs. this is a week. Smile
7., Dark Skullz, The Dark Horde, Sparxans, and Skyfire Paladins.
8. I left Dark Skullz because people didnt talk much and it was a little boring. I left the Dark Horde because of the same reason. I left Sparxans because my friend started a guild and need some help. I created Skyfire Paladins. After a week with only having only a few lvl 30+ i saw my guild going nowhere so i handed over my leadership and left.
9.I want Pheonix to be my home because people say i should join.
10. Meokill recommended me.
11. i switch between my toons sometimes depending on what i feel like doing.
12. Mon-Fri 3:00-9:00. Michigan Est. Time zone.

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EliteInanity's App
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