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 The Rules of Phoenix

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GM of Phoenix

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PostSubject: The Rules of Phoenix   Wed Oct 19, 2011 3:10 pm

Must be followed by all members, breaking rules CAN and WILL result in removal from the guild.

1. All members must abide by Spacetime Studios Terms of Services. If a member breaks any of STS' ToS and is banned for any amount of time, it is up to the GMs and officers to decide whether it is grounds for removal from the guild.

2. All members are required to register on the guild forums

3. Anyone wishing to join the guild in Star legends must be at least level 40 and in Arcane Legends must be at least level 1. This just means that their Main toon must be at least the required level to be accepted in to the guild, alts and twinks do not count towards this level requirement but know that we will not stand for begging to be powered level. Also it is a requirement that you inform a GM or Officer of who your alt or twink is. Anyone wishing to join that is not the required level must be discussed and accepted by the GMs and Officers. Also please note that as the level cap increases so will our level requirement.

4a. Returning to Phoenix once leaving Phoenix on your own: There is only one way to rejoin Phoenix once you have left the guild. You MUST fill out another application to rejoin. In that application you must explain why you want back in to Phoenix. Once your Application is received ALL Officers will review the application and then vote on whether or not you are allowed back in. You must have a majority vote from the Officers in order to be allowed back in.

4b. Returning to Phoenix once being removed from Phoenix by an officer: The same rule applies as it does if you were to leave on your own BUT instead of a majority vote ALL Officers must agree to let you back in. In the voting period we will review why you were booted and whether or not we want you to be a Phoenix Family Member.

5. We require that all your alts join Phoenix. This means if you have more than one Character on your account, we require that all of them join the guild as well. This ensures that your main dedication is to Phoenix. The GMs, Officers, Recruiters, and Members have worked hard to make Phoenix what it is. We hold contests for our members and do guild events. It would not be fair to those that dedicate their full time to Phoenix for someone who does not do the same to win one of these events.

6. DO NOT LIE ABOUT YOUR AGE! We ask how old new members are to get an idea of the age group we have in the guild. Maturity is not based on a number, but we still try to obtain a certain age level. If you lie about your age and are accepted to the guild and it comes out later that you have lied it is an AUTOMATIC REMOVAL from the guild.

7. Respect must be shown to GMs and Officers. Respect must be shown between Officers.
• If an Officer tells you to stop, you listen.

8. Allow GMs and Officers to enforce rules. All members are still expected to follow all guild rules if no GMs or Officers are online.

9a. Respect must be shown to all members of Phoenix and other players outside of the guild.
• No mocking, bickering, fighting, belittling, etc. This also includes calling anyone any type of name that is racist, degrading, sexual harassment, or any way making another feel like poo. This is not accepted in Phoenix at all and if at any time it is found out that any member is doing this in guild chat, lobby chat, or private messages it will be discussed what punishment is deserved. So, just stop and think about what you are saying to someone. Calling someone a hoe, degrading someone who is gay, or using racist comments is absolutely not accepted.

10. No foul language. If you wish to discuss something with no chat restrictions, we suggest you create a password protected game.

11. Absolutely No Begging of any kind. This will not be tolerated.

12a. Absolutely No Selling in Guild Chat or Guild Hall.

12b. No selling of Guild Gear. We have a guild bank system in order to help our guild members. If you take a piece of equipment from the guild bank please return it after you no longer can use it, do not sell it. This ensures that another member will be able to be geared in the best gear possible.

13. Do not exploit fellow guild members for profit. If it is found out that any member has done this, it will result in an automatic removal from guild.

14. Absolutely no Scamming of any member of Phoenix or any player outside of Phoenix. If it is brought to our attention that any member has scammed any player, it will result in an automatic removal from the guild.

15. Individual acts can and will reflect on our guild as a whole, so represent Phoenix in a positive manner at all times (be it in game or on Sts Forums).

16. Please refrain from booting non-guild members from runs. If you wish to have a guild only run, use a password. If someone enters a run that was full and not password protected, politely ask them to leave. If they do not wish to leave, you may boot the player as long as you give them a valid reason for the boot.

17. Absolutely no booting of guild members from runs. If a fellow Guild member has joined a password guild only room that has a full party, kindly explain to them that they have accidentally taken a spot belonging to someone else. If you are this person, please apologize and exit the room.

18. Absolutely no fighting with other guilds. If another guild tries to pick a fight, do not engage. Inform a GM of what was said, who the person was and what guild they belong to. A GM will handle the rest.

19a. Anyone wishing to join the guild is required to fill out an APPLICATION on our site. If a person asks to join our guild point them in the direction of our site and tell them to fill out an application. Do not ask or beg on guild chat for a GM or Officer to add a fellow friend. Even if they are your twin sibling they are required to fill out the application and be screened by a GM or Officer.

19b. Absolutely no Poaching members from any other guild. If a GM or Officers finds out that any member of Phoenix is Poaching members from other guilds it will result in an automatic removal from the guild.

20. Do not ask for Officer Promotion. This will only lower your chances in the future to even be considered if and when promotions happen.

21. Have Fun! If you are not having fun, we are not doing our jobs as GMs!

All members are required to follow these rules. If you are caught breaking any rules you are allowed two warnings from a GM or Officer before you are removed from the Guild. Officers, if a member has received a warning please add it to our warning thread under the Officer Section. If you receive only 1 warning within a 30 day period, your warning will be removed. If you receive 2 warnings within a 30 day period, your next offense will result in an automatic removal from the guild. Also, remember we reserve the right to remove any person from the guild that we feel does not represent what we expect of our members.
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The Rules of Phoenix
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